“Patriots are

always ready


duty calls.”

Steve A. Von Loor

Why Am I running for United States Congress?

Because 30 years of Failed Policies is enough.

I know what it means to dream of living in America. I know that America is great because of its values, not its government.  I am not running for Congress to be a Republican or a Democrat. I am running to restore what it means to be an American. Congressman David E. Price has lost touch with the American people. Over the course of 30 years in Washington, Congressman Price has forgotten what it means to be American. It’s time for a New Generation of American Leaders. It’s time to elect someone who actually represents North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District not members of Democrat Elite Establishment.

Join Our Campaign!

We will win 2022 with your support!

Thank you for your willingness and courage to stand with Steve A. Von Loor as he continues fighting a 30 Year Elite Career Politician through exploratory process for the 2020 U.S. Congress race. We are building support for this effort through social media groups, a grassroots team of courageous conservatives willing to stand beside Steve, as he stands up to fight for them and the voiceless unborn in the 4th Congressional District. Sign up and join us! Thank you .

Primary Election Day Countdown


We are running out of time, Please Join me as I seek to Represent our 4th Congressional  District, Protect our 2nd Amendment, Lower Taxes for Middle-Class Americans, Protect Our Children at school, Continue our President’s Agenda to bring back Manufacturing jobs to our District, Fight the Corruption in DC, Propose to bring Term Limits, Protecting the Un-born, and Support our Military/Veterans across our Great State North Carolina and America.