For Immediate Release - Candidate's Statement

For Immediate Release

Baseless False Allegations

Raleigh, North Carolina

July 13th, 2018.

On Tuesday, July 10th2018, it came to my attention that Splinter News posted a report containing many falsehoods.   Mr. Blest shows he is a partisan hack who is bringing up accusations and falsehoods in an attempt to derail our surging campaign.  This attack is proof that our message of change is working in the 4thCongressional District and voters are realizing that 30 years of Congressman David E. Price is enough.

This included a decision to report on criminal charges that were dismissed and expunged from my record many years ago.  This disclosure is a violation of North Carolina General Statutes 15A-152 and 153.

Nevertheless, this illicit reporting has required me to respond.  The accusations made in 2010 are as false and baseless now as they were then.  This is the main reason for the charges were dismissed and I was eligible to have the charges expunged.  The reason no one has heard of these charges until now is that there is no public record of them ever occurring.

I feel very sad and disappointed with my ex-wife and her husband’s behavior, but I am not surprised since Mr. Robey sent me threats many times in the past once he found out that I was running for the position of Congressman for District 4th.   This is the main reason that I felt forced to send this matter to court. After the hearing last week, where once again the baseless allegations against me were dismissed, it is my intention to focus on my children, my family, and my campaign. It is unfortunate that my ex-wife and Mr. Robey have decided to continue their attacks against me until this level.

I would not make any comments regarding my past life with my ex-wife for respect of my children who deserve to have privacy and for their mental sanity.

I love my kids more than anything, and my only goal is to provide them with a good quality of life.  They know how hard I work to keep my relationship with them intact to reduce the impacts caused by our divorce.

At this time, I again endeavor to move past these false allegations and return my attention to my children, my family, and my campaign.

Steve A. Von Loor (R)

Candidate North Carolina

District 4thCongressional District


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