Wake County GOP is writing to offer its full endorsement to Steve A. Von Loor to become the next United States Congressman from North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. Steve’s commitment to the ideal of economic freedom, term-limits, and school choice pose a stark contrast to 30-year incumbent David Price. The 4th District is long overdue for a change. As a Hispanic-American immigrant, Steve will bring a new perspective to Washington D.C that 30-year incumbents like David Price cannot provide.

Steve believes that free markets, not government regulations, are the key to economic prosperity. He believes that is wrong to spend taxpayer dollars on abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. Steve believes it is wrong for a politician to sit in Washington for his entire life and nothing except vote himself pay raises from time to time. He is a strong supporter of free speech, and he believes our veterans deserve better than how Washington bureaucrats have treated them.

Steve will make a wonderful Congressman, and Wake County GOP offers our full endorsement.



Charles Hellwig


Wake County Republican Party