I am writing to offer my endorsement to Steve A. Von Loor to become the next United States Congressman from North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. David Price has taken advantage of the people here in the district. However, Steve is committed to fighting corruption through term-limits and ridding Congress of 30-year incumbent politicians like David Price.

The 4th District deserves better than David Price, which is why I support Steve A. Von Loor.

Steve is a family man, a man of GOD and he supports the Constitution. He believes that without the Second Amendment, the rest of the Constitution cannot be protected from a corrupt government that wants to do away with it. Steve is wholeheartedly against career politicians going to Washington DC and doing nothing for their districts, and then voting themselves pay raises. Steve believes our veterans deserve better than Washington bureaucrats have treated them.

Steve A. Von Loor will be a fantastic Congressman, and I offer my full endorsement to him and his campaign.”