Why I Am Starting a Blog

One of the great things about campaigning is being able to interact with such a variety of people and tell them about my vision for our district, and for America. I get to share my ideas in speeches at events, talking with voters when door-knocking and making posts on social media. However, I understand that I may not personally make it to every door in the district, and that those working jobs with long hours may not be able to attend my events. This is why I am starting a blog—to connect with you, the American people.

My goal in this campaign is to persuade our district that my ideas will spur growth and make lives better for the people living here. Other than speaking to voters in person, I think writing is the best way to achieve this end. This blog is going to expand on the news of today, giving better insight on how our policies and ideas will function in the current political landscape. We have smart proposals and a unifying vision that deserve better than a tweet every now and then. As our campaign picks up speed, I want to be able to communicate with everyone, not just those who can attend my events or follow me on my Twitter or Facebook pages. If this speaks to you, continue to check the website for new posts and updates about our campaign. Thank you.


Steve A. Von Loor