For Immediate Release - Candidate's Wife Statement

For Immediate Release

Baseless False Allegations


Raleigh, July 13th2018

At this point, I know my voice is the most important on this issue and I want to present the following statement due to the malicious actions have done by the media Splinter News in relation to my husband.

Clearly manifested in the article, the immediate wishes to put at risk my husband’s candidacy due to the high chances of winning this election.

As a wife and mother of his children, I condemn these false allegations and affirm that my husband is a loving man with his children and with me and we have never been victims of any type of violent action on his part.

I am very sorry that his relationship with his ex-wife Maria Jose Robey and Adrian Jeff Robey has not been the best as it should be, and we clearly see on them, deep feelings of hatred due to the difficult divorce.   I pray to God every day to enlighten their minds, make them understand how their false allegations only detract from the personal and mental well-being of my stepchildren who are the most affected by these immature and evil actions.

I thank all the followers of Steve who have shown their sincere support and solidarity in the face of this malicious attacks that has not achieved the goal of destroying his campaign.

Maria Elisa Loor